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Panta Rei is a centre for environmental education located on the hilltops above Lake Trasimeno, in Umbria, Central Italy.
The Panta Rei project’s first impulse came from the will to recover the potential lying dormant in a plot of degraded and abandoned farmland. In November of 1992, a cooperative was founded, to begin creating a network of partnerships and gathering resources. At the center of the design was the desire to create a site for educational and pedagogical activities, a place where it would be possible to “Learn by Doing”.  The buildings were construced with recovered materials and appropriate technologies: earth, straw and wood. Since 2008, the cooperative has become an association, A.P.S. “Panta Rei” with the aim of disseminating good practices in the management of the “commons”, by creating projects and activities focussing on a “pedagogy of practice”. As a site of permanent experimentation it is a living laboratory for educators, associations and individuals interested in learning and applying sustainability and regeneration, with a hands-on approach.
Active, participatory, hands-on education for all ages. We believe in learning by doing. A key word is “practice” – to be practical, to have a daily practice, to practice being in the world, one simple gesture at a time. We offer workshops and events for schools and students of all ages. Just visiting our centre, with its bio-architecture of strawbale and cob, cunningly fashioned to blend into the hill-side, is in itself an experience.
We engage the young with action and story, following the paths taken by energy, light, water, soil, learning from each other, from the forest, and from the animals. Today we might be building a solar panel, tomorrow sowing seeds in the garden.
The centre is an example of organic cob and strawbale architecture, winner of the Outstanding Earthen Architecture in Europe Award 2011. Outdoors, amidst sweeping views over Lake Trasimeno, there are gardens from which we produce local meals, woven willow structures, forest walks, an artificial wetland for filtering our graywater, an organic garden cultivated following the principles of synergistic gardening and permaculture, an organic orchard and a pond.
Among the topics practiced in Panta Rei.. since 1999… dance, laughter, yoga, agro-ecology, cooking, bio-architecture, song, education, facilitation, mediation, training, permaculture, health, sustainability, energy descent, regenerative agriculture, strawbale building, cob, transition, eco-tourism, meditation, counselling, alternative economics, community theatre…
Please get in touch to learn more about what activities, projects or workshops are happening in the current season.
Families, teachers, children, parents, educators, trainers, facilitators, architects, young people, old people, foreigners, Italians, gardeners, students… and everyone is welcome!
We periodically organise experience weeks in which we live and work together on different projects. Please get in touch directly for more information on forthcoming dates.
We are proud members of the WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) network and host volunteers who are willing to learn and exchange ideas, stories and visions while taking on some tasks for the daily life of the centre and gardens.
If you want to volunteer at Panta Rei, get in touch.
We offer simple, heart-felt hospitality. Panta Rei has large, cozy dorms which can host up to 60 people, with shared bathrooms. The large kitchen serves communal meals and we are used to catering to different tastes, diets or dietary requirements. There are gardens outside, beautiful walks in the forest, adventure playgrounds and even a tree-house.
This is a video showing the facilities:
We are open, year round, for visitors and guests, including if you want to use this as a base for touring the area. Panta Rei is close to Cortona, the Lake Trasimeno, and Perugia. We do invite all guests to use resources (water, electricity, heating…) responsibly, and please bring only natural soaps and beauty products, so as to keep the natural filtering system healthy! Activities are always going on at the centre and everyone is welcome to join. Or just relax and enjoy the view.
Panta Rei has decades of experience in hosting retreats, events, workshops, and courses. The large workshop room has warm wooden floors, spaciousness and natural light. There are also smaller breakout space, and opportunities to work outside. Every year we host large national gatherings, for example with the Wwoof network or the national Transition hub. We have a network of collaborators, including translators, who can help, and the sunshine is guaranteed… so please get in touch if you are thinking of organising an event in Italy!
via Campagna 19A,
06065, Passignano sul Trasimeno
Perugia, Italy
Telephone +39 075 8296164
Mobile +39 328 6982704
Panta Rei is on the hills above Lake Trasimeno in Umbria, Central Italy. The closest train station is Passignano sul Trasimeno.
Here is a map:,+Passignano+sul+Trasimeno&hl=it&sll=43.19917,12.155685&sspn=0.174942,0.363579&t=h&hq=Panta+Rei,&hnear=Passignano+sul+Trasimeno+Perugia,+Umbria&z=14
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